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Time For Love

True Intimacy
What is intimacy? The word has multiple meanings for all of us. Some will say it is the instant of sexual activity between couples. While others will offer that it is the opportunity to draw closer to each other with moments of self-disclosure, trust and appreciation. In fact it is all of that and more when we allow its pure form into our relationships. Intimacy allows two to connect in several ways besides the physical nature we give in to.

Place For You

Fitting in your heart as well as your bed
How many times have we all found that partner that is cool to play with ~ that person that we know is a match for us in those late night twinkle of an eye experiences, yet we recognize that the bulk of their emotional weight, for us, is in those times only but not always deep within the heart? We have reserved a physical role for this person and not tried to establish a specific position for that person within our very own hearts.

Pillow Talk

What truly makes your partner happy?
In many scenarios within our relationships, we focus on things that we feel will make our significant others happy. But have we really stopped to ask 'what truly makes our partners happy'? Of course there are those physical things that can generate a smile or two ~ like jewelry, a nice car and even a trip to somewhere exotic. However, are those the things that capture our partner's happiness?